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Usbourne Language Guides

Updated 23/4/2019

All Titles on this page are available to purchase from Europe, USA and Canada

Below is a selection of the most popular Usbourne Language Guides.

The Usborne foreign language books are now available in 15 languages, from Arabic to Welsh and include Spanish, German, French and Italian and even Russian.


To aid in the learning process, there is a series of pronunciation guides at the Usborne Quicklinks website where you can hear the words read by a native speaker.


Each of the series, highlights a particular method of language learning, concentrating on either flashcards or punctuation and grammar or The First Thousand Words of the Language.

The foot of the page also includes a selection of DK Bilingual Visual Dictionaries.

The DK's Bilingual Visual Dictionary series is perfect for Business travellers and tourists alike, whether it  is by your side when buying food, talking about work, discussing health, and studying language.


The books stunning visuals and comprehensive indexes combine to make this series of  dictionaries an indispensable language companion.

This series of  dictionaries also features an easy-to-use audio app, which enables you to hear terms spoken out loud which is  perfect for helping your pronunciation.

Angela Wilkes - Spanish For Beginners
Angela Wilkes - French for Beginners
Italian for Beginners - Internet Linked Usbourne
Usbourne Everyday Words - Italian  Flashcards
The Usborne Guide to English Punctuation
Heather Amery - First Thousand Words in German
Angela Wilkes - German for Beginners
The Usborne Guide to English Grammar
Heather Amery - First Thousand Words in Italian
Heather Amery - First Thousand Words in English
First Thousand Words in Russian
Heather Amery - First Thousand Words in Portuguese
Heather Amery - First Thousand Words in Spanish
Angela Wilkes - Welsh for Beginners
German-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary
Spanish-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary
Italian-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary