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Thrillers Mystery and Horror

Amazon's Best Sellers (4 & 5 Star rating)

Last update 25/5/2019

All Titles on this page are available to purchase from Europe, USA & Canada

This site is dedicated to Thrillers Mystery and Horror fiction, authors include such  titles from B.A Paris as Behind Closed Doors and Bring Me Back.

There are three from  Erin Kelly which include Stone Mothers, He Said-She Said and The Poison Tree.

There are offerings from Cl Taylor and Christi Daugherty.

Along with crime fiction, this is my most favourite genre of novel and I have included here novels that have been released in 2019, or late 2018.

Thrillers are an extremely popular here is a link the the best thrillers of 2018

I am updating this list every week to reflect the new titles that are release and all of these have a 4 or 5 star rating on Amazon.

Cathy Glass - Finding Stevie
James Deegan - Once A Pilgrim
A.J Finn - The Woman In The Window
Lucy Clarke - You Let Me In
Lucy Foley - The Hunting Party
Laura Marshall - Three Little Lies
Alex Michaelides - The Silent Patient
Sophie Draper - Cucko
B A Paris - Bring Me Back
Lucy Clarke - Last Seen
B A Paris - Behind Closed Doors
Claire Mackintosh - Let Me Lie
Karin Slaughter - Pieces of Her
Alex Lake - Copycat
Christina Alger - The Bankers Wife
Vanessa Savage - The Woman In the Dark
Sam Carrington - One Little Lie
T M Logan - Lies
Susan Lewis - One Minute Later
Jeffrey Archer - Heads You Win
Harriet Tyce - Blood Orange
Angela Marsons - Dead Memories
Faith Martin - A Fatal Flaw
Sally Hepworth - The Mother-in-Law
Noelle Holten - Dead Inside
Sue Fortin - Schoolgirl Missing
Kerry Barnes - The Hunted.jpg
Amanda Robson - Guilt
Amanda Robson - Envy
John Meany - Grave Maker
Amanda James - The Feud
J A Baker - The Cleansing
Jane Casey - Cruel Acts
T J Stimson - Picture of Innocence
B P Walter - A Version of the Truth
Mel Sherratt - Hush Hush
Kimberley Chambers - Backstabber
Lisa Hall - The Party
Cara Hunter - Close To Home
Christina Dalcher - Vox
Lesley Kara - The Rumour
Christian White - The Nowhere Child
Michele Cambell - She Was the Quiet One
Christina McDonald - The Night Olivia Fell
Fiona Barton - The Suspect
Jacqui Rose - Sinner
Seth C Adams - If You Go Down to the Woods
Olivia Kiernan - Too Close to Breathe
Nuala Ellwood - The Day of The Accident
Chris Hammer - Scrublands
Sam Carrington - Bad Sister
Jane Fallon - Tell Me a Secret
Mick Finlay - The Murder Pit
Joy Ellis - Five Bloody Hearts
James Deegan - The Angry Sea
Avi Domoshevizki - In the Wrong Hands
Peter May - The Man With No Face
Val Mcdermid - The Distant Echo
Suzy K Quinn - Don’t Tell Teacher
Jackie Kabler - Am I Guilty
Olivia Isaac Henry - Someone You Know
Oyinkan Braithwaite - My Sister, the Serial Killer
Erin Kelly - Stone Mothers
Dominic Nolan - Past Life
Samantha Downing - My Lovely Wife
Adam J Wright - The Flat
Kimberley Chambers - The Sting
Erin Kelly - He Said-She Said
Mark Lawrence - Holy Sister
Christi Daugherty - A Beautiful Corpse
Laura Marshall  - Friend Request
Kerry Watts - Heartlands
Erin Kelly - The Poison Tree
Kathleen McGurl - The Emerald Comb
Christi Daugherty - The Echo Killing
Shalini Boland - The Girl From The Sea
Harlan Coben - Run Away
Charlie Gallagher - HE WILL KILL YOU
John Nicholl - The Girl in Red
Fiona Cummins - The Neighbour
Emma Pullar - Paper Dolls
Douglas Lindsay - Song of the Dead
Teresa Driscoll - The Promise
Olivia Issac-Henry - Someone You Know
John Dean - DEATH LIST
Diane M Dickson - THE GRAVE
Ben Smith - Doggerland
Carissa Ann Lynch - My Sister is Missing
Joe Heap - The Rules of Seeing
Kate Morton - The Clockmaker's Daughter.