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Learning a Language.

Updated 8/4/2019

All Titles on this page are available to purchase from Europe, USA and Canada

On the next few pages  is a selection of the most popular Language Learning books and Audiobooks.


It includes authors such as Paul Noble, the Collins Easy Learning series,  and the  world bestselling Michel Thomas series which includes Total Spanish, Total French, Total Italian and Total German.

I have a particular favourite here and its Michel Thomas, over the years I have listened to all the titles and they are in my honest opinion the best way to learn a foreign language, spanish is my particular favourite, but Italian French and german are also very good.

Michel Thomas ignores the traditional method of learning by concentrating on learning the Verbs and all of their tenses.

Once you have learned a good selection of Verbs then you can quite easily  build up sentences and Michel states that learning should take place in a non-stressful environment.

Hope you can find what you are looking for a little easier now that I have spread it over separate pages.

Vidio showcasing the Language books on this page