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Ian Rankin - Rebus Novels

All Titles on this page are available to purchase from Europe, USA and Canada

Following a Radio 2 interview I heard a few months back with Ian Ranking where he was discussing his latest Rebus novel, I decided to use my current monthly credit on Audible to give them a listen.


Having spent the past few years or so catching up on Stephen King, I thought it would be interesting to have a break from horror and try a detective story for a change.


I took the decision though to start right at the beginning of the Rebus stories and go for Knots & Crosses, followed by Hide and Seek and Tooth and Nail and Strip Jack


Fast forward a few months and I have just finished listening (on Audible) to the fourth and fifth novels, Strip Jack and The Black Book.









which I have both very much enjoyed.


To be honest though, I have to admit that I am definitely hooked on the stories of the Edinburgh detective and I have already planned to read the first 10 rebus novels, before I take break and try another author.

I have now included links to all the other Rebus novels below, should you be interested in following along with the series yourself.


Whilst it's not essential that you read (or listen) to the Rebus novels in the order they were written as I am doing, (as each story is completely separate), but there is an advantage to starting with the first novel as the characters build up and are

quite often referred to as the stories unfold giving a much better experience.


So please check out my links below (Just click on the image) and it will take you directly to the Amazon page so that you

can easily order your own copy (in whichever format you prefer) and join me in the world of John Rebus, I assure you that you won't be disappointed.

Ian Rankin - Strip Jack
Ian Ranking - Knots & Crosses
Ian Rankin - Hide and Seek
Ian Ranking - Thje Black Book
Ian Rankin - Tooth and Nail
Ian Rankin - Mortal Causes (Inspector Re
Ian Rankin - Dead Souls (Inspector Rebus
Ian Rankin - A Question of Blood (Inspec
Ian Rankin - Let It Bleed (Inspector Reb
Ian Rankin - Set In Darkness (Inspector
Ian Rankin - Fleshmarket Close (Inspecto
Ian Rankin - Black And Blue (Inspector R
Ian Rankin - The Falls (Inspector Rebus
Ian Rankin - The Naming Of The Dead (Ins
Ian Rankin - The Hanging Garden (Inspect
Ian Rankin - Resurrection Men (Inspector
Ian Rankin - Exit Music (Inspector Rebus
Ian Rankin - Standing in Another Man's G
Ian Rankin - Saints of the Shadow Bible
Ian Rankin - Even Dogs in the Wild -  Th
Ian Rankin - Rather Be the Devil - The s
Ian Rankin - In A House of Lies.jpg