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Here you can easily locate your favourite books & audiobooks searchable by category

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My aim on MyFaveBooks is to make it so that you can easily locate your favourite books & audiobooks that have a four star or five star rating on Amazon.


Here you will find  a good variety  of searcheable categories I have catered for all tastes in the most popular categories.


I have dedicated pages for Children's Books, including authors such as David Walliams and David Baddiel.

One of my favourite novel genres is Crime Fiction, so you will find  a number of pages dedicated to this genre including Ian Ranking, Lee Child and Faith Martin.

I have also now added a page on True Crime, featuring books about famous serial killers such as Fred and Rose West, Ian Huntley, Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy.

As a keen traveller myself, I have included links to the most popular Travel-Guides.


The Travel-Guides include 'Rough Guide' and 'Lonely Planet' these include city guides to cites such as London, Barcelona, New York and San-Francisco.

I have also included a few Travel Blog articles for you to hopefully enjoy.

I have always tried  to improve my mind and keep my body in the best possible shape, so I have a page dedicated to this genre.

For those you you who like a good novel to read on your holidays, I have also dedicated a page to  books that you can read while at the poolside.


There are summer blockbusters, for those of you that enjoy a bit of light reading on the beach or around the pool this summer.

New additions to this site now include a section on Healthy Eating and Cooking, with specialist pages on Low-Carb and Vegan cooking.

I am hoping that this site makes it easier for you to find the books you love.

The site is updated weekly, so please be sure to pop back regularly and see the new content.


Each page has an update date on the top so that you can see quickly if the page has been updated.

All the links, are searchable by category and will take you directly to the Amazon site (in your own country).


All books listed on the site have either a 4 or 5 Star rating on Amazon.

I hope you enjoy MyFaveBooks and find everything that you need.


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Some pages, now contain links to a few Book Quiz's, see if you can find them.

Below are just a few examples of the books on the site.


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The site changes a few times a week so pop back often.