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Holiday Fiction

Updated 25/5/2019

All Titles on this page are available to purchase from Europe, USA and Canada

Below is a collection of the latest holiday fiction all with 4 or 5 star ratings on Amazon


Why not browse through the list and pick one (or maybe two) to get your summer off to a good start.

For when your planning on lying by the pool this summer or relaxing on the beach or just laying  in the garden with a cool drink  by your side.


These are the latest summer bestsellers to while away those long summer days.


I shall be adding to this list every week or so, so make sure you come back regularly to browse and get your summer reading off to a good start.


If thrillers are more your style or maybe a good detective yarn, then check out my other pages too.


I also have the latest kids books to choose from,  most of which have been tried and tested by my own children at some point or another for school or just for fun.


All books (or audio books) are available through Amazon  (Just click the image to take you straight there), ready to add to your basket and ship directly to your door.


Each book has been hand picked by myself  to make it easier for you to find a good read with good or excellent reviews.


You can be assured that  any books without good reviews won't be appearing on this site, only the best quality gets through the selection process.


So Happy Holiday Reading !!!

Daisy James - Wedding Bells at Villa Limoncello
Daisey James - Sunshine & Secrets
T A Williams - Dreaming of Florence
Fern Britton - The Great Cornish Getaway
Bill Bryson - Notes From a Small Island
Bill Bryson - The Thunderbolt Kid
Bill Bryson - A Walkin The Woods
Bill Bryson - Notes From A Big Country
Fiona Gibson - The Mum Who Got Her Life
Hannah Ellis - The Cottage at Hope Cove.
Rebecca Raisin -Rosie’s Travelling Tea Shop
Mel Mgrath - The Guilty Party
Christine Barlow - Foxglove Farm
Sue Moorcroft - One Summer in Italy
Christie Barlow - Love Heart Lane
Holly Martin - The Summer of Chasing Dreams
Bill Bryson - Neither Here or There
Bill Bryson - At Home
Bill Bryson - The Lost Continent
Bill Bryson - Down Under
Fern Britton - The Newcomer
Patricia Wilson - Villa of Secrets
Victoria Cook - It Started With A Note
Laurie Ellingham - One Endless Summer
Annie Robertson - My Mamma Mia Summer
Lindsey KelI -  I Heart Hawaii
Rowan Coleman - The Summer of Impossible Things
Rosana Ley - Her Mother's Secret.jpg
Karen Swan - The Greek Escape
Carole Matthews  - Million Love Songs
Milly Johnson - The Magnificent Mrs Mayhew
Eleanor O'Reilly - M for Mammy
Frances Chambers - The Right Wedding
Celia Anderson - 59 Memory Lane
Lllac Mills - The Tanglewood Tea Shop
Sophie Ranald - Sorry Not Sorry
Bill Bryson - A Short History of Nearly Everything
Bill Bryson - Bill Bryson's African Diar
Bill Bryson - Mother Tongue - The Story
Roxie Cooper - The Day We Met
Mhairi Mcfarlaine - Don’t You Forget About Me
Rachel Hore - The Memory Garden
Elizabeth Noble - Love, Iris
Adrienne Chinn - The Lost Letter from Morocco
Gyles Brandreth - Have You Eaten Grandma
Joel Golby - Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant
Susan Mallery - California Girls
Carol Wyer - What Happens in France
Bella Osborne - Wildflower Park
Pernille Hughes - Probably the Best Kiss in The World
Melanie Reid - The World I Fell Out Of
Rachel Wells- A Cat Called Alfie
Caroline Roberts - Rachel’s Pudding Pantry
Kayte Nunn - The Botanist's Daughter
Zoe May - When Polly Met Olly
Wendy Holden - A View to a Kilt
Zara Stoneley - Bridesmaids
Pam Jenoff - The Lost Girls Of Paris
Jamie Fewery - Our Life in a Day
Phillipa Ashley - A Perfect Cornish Summer
Shari Low - This is Me
Lewis Carroll - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Bill Bryson - Seeing Further
Phillipa Ashley - Summer at the Cornish Cafe
Suzy K  Quinn - Bad Mother's Holiday