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L J Ross

DCI Ryan Mysteries

All Titles on this page are available to purchase from Europe, USA and Canada

DCI Ryan  to a crime fiction series of novels written by L J Ross. 

The first of the DCI Ryan novels begin with Holy Island, which actually refers to a place called Lindisfarne, which is located in North East England.

In the first novel Ryan has been forced to undertake a sabbatical leave but his 

attempts at finding peace are interrupted when the remains of a woman are discovered at a local historical sight. 

There follows 11 more books in the series, and links to these have been provided below (just click on the image), to be taken directly to the Amazon store in your own local country, to purchase.

This series of books are very popular - Hope you enjoy !!

L J Ross - Holy Island - A DCI Ryan Mystery (Book 1)
L J Ross -Sycamore Gap - A DCI Ryan Mystery (Book 2)
L J Ross - High Force - A DCI Ryan MMystery (Book 5)
L J Ross - Cragside - A DCI Ryan Mystery (Book 6)
L J Ross - The Hermitage - A DCI Ryan Mystery (Book 9)
L J Ross - Longstone - A DCI Ryan Mystery (Book 10)
L J Ross - Heavenfield - A DCI Ryan Mystery (Book 3)
L J Ross - Angel - A DCI Ryan Mystery (Book 4)
L J Ross - Dark Skies - A DCI Ryan Mystery (Book 7)
L J Ross - Seven Bridges - A DCI Ryan Mystery (Book 8)
L J Ross - The Infirmary - A DCI Ryan Mystery (Book 11)
L J Ross - The Moor - A DCI Ryan Mystery (Book 12)