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Crime Fiction & True Crime

Amazon's Best Sellers (4 & 5 Star rating)

Last update 27/4/2019

Crime fiction is one of the most popular book genres available today, and has been for many years.


Featuring world renown authors such as Ian Ranking and Lee Child, now selling millions of print copies every volume they produce.

These pages are dedicated to those very people that keep us awake at nights yet somehow always seem to keep us coming back for more.

Recently, I have become a fan of the Ian Ranking Rebus series, I have mow listened to the first 5 novels and are really enjoying them.


I have also just finished listening (on audible), to the first Robert Bryndza novel The Girl in The Ice, which was again very enjoyable, cant wait for the next one.

True crime, also continues to be  a fascination for millions of  people around the world and I have included a small selection of Tue Crime books focusing on such monsters as Fred and Rose West, Ian Huntly in the UK, and Ted Bundy in the US.

All Titles on this page are available to purchase from Europe, USA and Canada

James D Mortain - The Detective Deans Mystery (books 1-3)
Dr Richard Shepherd - Unnatural Causes
Ryan Green - You Think You Know Me
Howard Sounes - Fred & Rose
Steve Cavanagh - Thirteen
John Nicholl - Portraits of The Dead
Rawson Kerry - Serial Killer's Daughter
Victoria Best - More Than Just A Pretty Face
Ryan Green - Man-Eater
Oyinkan Braithwaite - My Sister, the Serial Killer
Stephen Fulcher - Catching a Serial Killer
Ann Rule - The Stranger Beside Me
Nathan Yates - Beyond Evil
Robert Keller - 50 American Serial Killers
Robert D Hare - Without Conscience
Mae West and Neil Mckay - Love as Always, Mum
Tori Telfer - Lady Killers - Deadly Women Throughout History
Kate Rhodes - Fatal Harmony
Robert Keller - Murder Most Vile Volume 25
Rob Ashman - Faceless
Conrad Jones - Deliver Us From Evil
J R Mayfield - The Serial Killer Handbook
Colin Sutton - Manhunt
Robert Keller - The Deadly Dozen
Christopher Berry-Dee - Talking With Serial Killer
Emma Pullar - Paper Dolls
Willow Rose - GIRL NEXT DOOR
Colin J Galtry - SERVED COLD
Fiona Cummins - The Neighbour