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Children's Books, from David Walliams to Henry Winkler

Updated 21/4/2019

All Titles on this page are available to purchase from Europe, USA and Canada


Gangsta Granny, The Boy In The Dress, The Midnight Gang and Mr. Stink, are all titles that most kids would recognise these days.


But can David Walliams be considered in the same breath as Roald Dalhl, when it comes to writing Children's Books.




Roald Dahl (1916–1990) has written 50 books and sold 200 million copies worldwide since his first childrens book James and The Giant Peach in 1961.


Compare that with Walliams who has so far written 15 childrens books and sold 25 million copies has a little way to go yet to catch up to the Cardiff born writer.


But David did in fact outsell J.K Rowling in 2017 and his children's books are flying off the shelves.


Following in the footsteps of Dahl, Walliams books are increasingly being adapted for the big screen (well small screen so far), but I'm sure it won't be long before the big screen beckons.

There are a number of Childrens Box Sets here. and I am adding more every week or so.

I have just added Henry Winkler Hank Zipster Boxset.

I have also just added a small selection of World Book Day 2019 Books.


Below is also the whole series of The Bold's by TV Comedian Julian Clary.


If you want to dive in and purchase the boxset then click here.

Please check out my links (Just click on the images) below, to take you directly to the Amazon page to order your own copy).


I recommend becoming a member of Audible if you spend a lot of time driving and don't have so much time to sit down and read a physical book..

David Walliams - The Boy In The Dress
David Walliams - Gangsta Granny
David Walliams - Mr Stink
David Walliams - Ratburger
David Walliams - Awful Auntie
David Walliams - Bad Dad
James Patterson - Middle School Escape To Australia
James Patterson - Dogs Best Friend
Neil Patrick Harris - The Magic Misfits - The Second Story
Janet and Allan Ahlberg - Funny Bones
Pete Johnson - How To Train Your Parents
Kiran Millwood Hargrave - The Girl of Ink and Stars
DK - Knowledge Encyclopedia Space
David Baddiel - The Parent Agency
Julian Clary - The Bolds
DK - Knowledge Encyclopedia Dinosaur
David Baddiel - The Person Controller
Julian Clary - The Bolds to the Rescue
David Walliams - Billionaire Boy
David Walliams - Demon Dentist
David Walliams - Granpa's Great Escape
David Walliams - Fing
David Walliams - The Midnight Gang
Jacqueline Wilson - Wave Me Goodbye
Michael Lawrence - Maggot Pie
Neil Patrick Harris - The Magic Misfits
N G K - Harry's Lovely Spring Day
Andy Cope - Diary of A Brilliant Kid
Karen Ingles - The Secret Lake
J M Forster - Shadow Jumper
Katharine Ibbs - Children's Cookbook
DK - Science - A Childrens Encyclopedia
David Baddiel - Head Kid
David Baddiel - Birthday Boy
Julian Clary - The Bolds on Vacation
Julian Clary - The Bolds in Trouble
Jeff Kinney - Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Meltdown
Jeff Kinney - The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary
Jeff Kinney - Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid
Jeff Kinney - Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Getaway
Jules Verne - Around the World in 80 Days (Kids Version)
Kenneth Grahame - The Wind in The Willows
Judith Kerr - The Tiger Who Came to Tea.
Mary Norton - The Borrowers.jpg
Craig Smith - The Wonky Donkey